20 April 2008

Fashion or Rerun

If you think this is the first generation to wear hip huggers low riders then you don't know your grandmother.

~Paige von Liber: a liver of life, no not the organ, has a blog—shocker I know, Paradise Valley 2 … Hell's Mountain http://paigeofabook.blogspot.com/

04 April 2008

Bad Debut

If the camera adds ten pounds, then I looked like I was being filmed with ten cameras.

~John likes this site!

23 February 2008


If you want something, then pretend that you don't, and you'll get it.

12 February 2008

Mr. Sandman

If your elbow's on the table with your chin pressing into your palm, then Mr. Sandman is not far.


06 February 2008

A Hole in Your Pocket

If you have a hole in your pocket, then you won't lose money, like most people think, because what money can fit through a hole? But you'll certainly lose your chapstick.

03 February 2008

The Super Bowl

If you carry too much of an obnoxious swagger, then you're destined to stumble and fall.

02 February 2008


If the shoe fits, then you've cut your toenails.

~TherMumz is one of the best writers who has never been published.